DIY Vermicomposting of Fall Leaves

DIY Vermicomposting Made Easy

Production of vermicompost does not need to be hard. DIY vermicomposting is occurring in your yard as we speak. Worms have been at work for millions of years cleaning up nature’s messes. We would be buried in waste if not for the behind-the-scenes actions of Mother Nature’s little composters. People have been harnessing the power …

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Red Wigglers and Kids

Red Wigglers and Kids

Red Wigglers, Red worms, Red Wrigglers, manure worms, or whatever you want to call these composting worms….. they go along with kids like peas in a pod. Children are naturally curious and a worm bin is a place to discover new and exciting STUFF! They just can’t resist watching the worms squiggle and squirm. Questions …

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Benefits of Worm Castings man and woman with a vegetable harvest from worm castings

Top 10 Benefits of Worm Castings

The benefits of worm castings extend far beyond growing healthy vibrant plants. Earthworm castings also benefit our soils and help to maintain a healthy Soil Food Web. Healthy soils are vital for sustainable farming or gardening. One reason no-till and permaculture practices are important is that disturbing the soil breaks up the fungal hyphae and mycelium …

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Vermicompost Project lady with a worm bin feeding organic waste

Vermicompost Project: 3 Reasons To Start Vermicomposting Today

A vermicompost project for beginners needs to be easy and also fun. Vermicomposting is not hard and can be fun and rewarding. If you have children in your house, that is great because worm composting will be even more fun. Who can do this? Well, anyone can and should. If you produce waste or garden, …

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