Earthworm Naturals Worm Castings


Earthworm Naturals Worm Castings are tested and trusted. Buy the best to grow the best. You can depend on Earthworm Naturals to perform.

Our worm castings are tested in four different ways to make sure they are safe and effective. It is all about our process. Inputs. Batch times. Moisture control. Proper storage. And harvesting on demand. This sets us apart from other worm castings producers.

We test. Test some more. And grow things. In the real world. Just like you.

Step up your gardening game and try our Earthworm Naturals Worm Castings today.

We offer this product in 2 handy sizes:

4# Bag – Approx. 1 gallon = 16-20 cups

18# Bag – Approx.  4.5 gallons = 75-90 cups

Complete instructions on the label.

FREE shipping in the Continental USA.

Earthworm Naturals Worm Castings are tested and trusted. Our composting worms are fed a variety of inputs to create very diverse bacterial and fungal profiles.

Our worm castings are a diverse casting that will grow your plants better. We use all-natural inputs and test extensively for higher performance and safety.

What can Earthworm Naturals Worm Castings do for your garden?

  • Encourage Vigorous Root Growth
  • Supply Organic Matter
  • Improve Soil Structure
  • Supply Micro and Macro Nutrients
  • Increase Moisture Infiltration
  • Aid in the Proliferation of Soil Microbes
  • Allow Plants to More Effectively Utilize Nutrients
  • Enable Soil to Retain Nutrients Longer
  • Buffer Your Soil pH
  • Add Humus
  • Improve Moisture Holding Capabilities of Your Soil
  • Provide Plant Hormones
  • Improve the Cation Exchange Capacity of Your Soil

And we don’t just talk a good game…we actually show you our test results. There is nothing to hide here.

We provide all of our test results for each batch of worm castings. The Lot number is printed on each label so you can trust what you are buying. We offer complete transparency and back it with our Iowa Worm Composting satisfaction guarantee.

You must be absolutely delighted with our product…or we will make it right. This time. Every time.

Check out our Earthworm Naturals Worm Castings Informational Page to see our Testing results and learn more about this great product.

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Earthworm Naturals Worm Castings

4 pounds local pickup, 18 pounds local pickup, 4 pounds shipped to you, 18 pounds shipped to you


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