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Composting Worms are Nature's Clean- up Crew

Does It Make You SAD?

To feed your family food grown with chemical fertilizers and pesticides.


Are You Tired?

Tired of throwing away food, cardboard, and paper? Loading the landfills with waste?

A Better Idea

There is a better way. Composting worms can help!

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

Composting worms can help to reduce waste, reuse food scraps, and recycle nutrients back to our depleted soils.


Replenish Soils

Worm castings feed your plants nutrients and help to replenish soils. Simply, organically, and safely.

Doing Our Part

Composting worms can help us do our part in preserving the planet for ourselves and our children.

What Are Composting Worms?


Composting Worms

Composting worms are epigeic worms. These are worms that reside in above ground litter. Common types are the red worm ( AKA: red wiggler, red wriggler, tiger worm, brandling, manure worm) and European night crawler (AKA: super red, red hybrid).

These worms breed well in captivity and prefer to live and eat in organic litter. Favorite bedding materials are: leaves, grass, paper, corrugated cardboard, peat moss, coconut coir, manures, egg carton cardboard, etc. Composting worms will eat all of their bedding materials.

Their preferred foods are vegetable and fruit waste, coffee grounds and paper filters, manure, leaf litter, dried grass, etc. Worms can eat about 1/2 of their body weight daily.

Composting worms are especially suited for raising in worm bins. They breed prolifically and can double their population about every ninety days under normal conditions. They will self-regulate their population when crowded.

Their castings (poo) can be harvested and is an amazing organic soil amendment.



Worm Castings

Worm castings (poo) are also known as "Black Gold" to gardeners in the know. Castings are known as a living biological fertilizer.

A composting worms diet is mainly the bacteria that decomposes the waste residing within it's habitat. Worms slurp up the decomposing food and bedding materials in the process.

Studies have proven that plants fertilized with worm castings have a much better germination rate, increased disease resistance, and added pest tolerance.

Castings provide nutrients to plants on an "as needed" basis. Nitrogen and other nutrients are provided as the bacteria (living in the cast) multiplies and dies off in its normal life-cycle. These nutrients are immediately plant-available in a form that the roots can readily uptake.

Bacteria is estimated to provide 70 percent of the world's nitrogen in the soil.

Worm castings smell like fresh earth and can be used indoors or out. When mixed with potting soil, castings produce some of the most amazing house plants.

Worm castings can be used in gardens and landscapes. They can also help you grow the lushest green lawn. Flowers and vegetables grow larger and produce more. Simple organic goodness.


Worm Castings

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I'm a gardener. I was looking for composting worms, came across this company. They got back to me within 24 hours. Fair pricing. Excellent customer service. Would highly recommend!



I just left a message and the next day the owner was at my house with my order. He brought extra bedding and talked worms for quite awhile. He answered every question with enthusiasm and knowledge. Thinking about European worms too. I know where I'll buy them. Thanks Again Rick



I just received my second batch of European Night Crawlers in great shape and on time. I set them on my work bench in the bedding I mix as you suggested and leave the light on. They go down quickly, 20 minutes. Thanks Rick and Micky. I'm starting slowly but having fun!