Urban Worm Bag


The Urban Worm Bag has arrived. This is the new Bag System that has been getting all the rave reviews from the Worm Farming Alliance. The Bag comes complete with a solid, quality stand ready for quick and easy assembly. The Worm Bag system is one of the easiest ways to raise worms and harvest castings. You put the food in the top and harvest castings from the bottom. The worms do the rest.

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The Urban Worm Bag was designed by a worm farmer FOR worm farmers. This bag is so good that it is backed by a lifetime warranty. The Bag includes a stand and is ready to be assembled on arrival. Your worms can move into the Taj Mahal of worm bins. Here are the specs:

Urban​ ​Worm​ ​Bag​ ​Specifications

Width​ ​(including​ ​frame):​ ​26​ ​¾​ ​in​ ​(68cm)
Length:​ ​(including​ ​frame):​ ​26​ ​¾​ ​in​ ​(68cm)
Height:​ ​(including​ ​frame):​ ​30​ ​¼​ ​in​ ​(77cm)
Bag​ ​Only​ ​Height:​ ​22​ ​in​ ​(56cm)
Bag​ ​Only​ ​Width:​ ​24​ ​in​ ​(61​ ​cm)
Bag​ ​Only​ ​Length:​ ​24​ ​in​ ​(61​ ​cm)
Weight:​ ​7.5​ ​lbs​ ​(3.4​ ​kg)
Volume​ ​at​ ​Max​ ​Load:​ ​5.3​ ​cubic​ ​ft​ ​(122​ ​liters)
Fabric:​ ​900D​ ​Oxford​ ​with​ ​a​ ​polyurethane​ ​coating​ ​for​ ​moisture​ ​resistance
Frame:​ ​Lightweight​ ​iron​ ​frame​ ​with​ ​plastic​ ​3-way​ ​connectors
Zippers​:​ ​Marine-grade​ ​#8​ ​heavy​ ​zippers

Ok, the Urban Worm Bag is good but how can it help me? We are glad that you asked. Here are some of the features and benefits that come with this worm raising system:

  • Airflow-Airflow-Airflow – Worms thrive with good airflow. They eat and breed better. You get MORE worms.
  • Continuous Flow-through Processing – You put food in the top and harvest castings from the bottom. No need to disturb your worms or cocoons. Worms do better when not disturbed. You get MORE worms.
  • Ease of Use – Feeding from the top and harvesting castings from the bottom without the need to screen the castings is a huge time-saver. The zippered top and bottom makes feeding and harvesting simple and easy. You SAVE time.
  • Included Stand – This is the only worm bag of this size that comes with a stand AND it is a good, solid stand that will last for years. Assembly is quick and easy. You SAVE time and energy.
  • Lifetime Warranty by the Manufacturer – The manufacturer believes in the strength and durability of their product. You should too. This Bag has been getting rave reviews from members of the Worm Farming Alliance. THEY know worms!

The Urban Worm Bag is the new kid on the block but much thought has gone into the design and engineering of this product. The end result is something special. This is the system of the future today.



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