Perfect Starter Worm Bin

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This Perfect Starter Worm Bin is designed for beginners and veterans alike. The worm bin is a brand new, modified IRIS 30.5 quart Weathershield Storage Box. The center of the lid is cut out to allow for maximum airflow for your composting worms. The lid features a foam seal that virtually eliminates worms escaping. The generous 19.7″ wide x 15.75″ long x 7″ deep size offers over 2 sq. ft. of worm composting space. The bin will support 2-4 pounds of composting worms. This bin is designed for indoor use. We recommend starting with half to 1 pound of composting worms in this bin. The worms will reproduce and populate this bin in no time. We offer 12.95 flat-rate shipping on this product to the continental USA.

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The Perfect Starter Worm Bin is a really simple solution for housing your composting or bait worms. The Bin is a very affordable option for beginners to try out their new hobby without breaking the bank. The price may be small but the features and benefits are large:

  • Over 2 square feet of worm composting power
  • The modified lid offers great airflow for your composting worms
  • Foam seal on the lid keeps your worms in the bin where they belong
  • Designed for indoor use
  • Small enough to handle easily even when full
  • Stackable when you add wooden stickers between the bins
  • Easy system to maintain

Raising composting worms does not need to be difficult. The Perfect Starter Worm Bin makes housing your worms indoors as easy as pie. The bin is small enough to handle easily but big enough to raise a few pounds of worms. The bin can easily fit on a shelf or bench. You just need to add bedding, moisture, a few worms, and some food scraps. Your worms will fill it up in no time.

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 6.5 in


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