Inexpensive Worm Composting Starter Kit


We have finally done it! A COMPLETE turn-key solution to worm composting.

Beginning your worm composting adventure just got easier.
The Worm Composting Starter Kit ships to you with the worms and the bedding. Just add water and food. Start producing castings.
No need for you to hunt up bedding materials.

Your Kit will contain: 1) Perfect Worm Starter Bin, 1) Worm Castings Screen Harvester, 1) 32 oz. spray bottle, and our very own special bedding mix.
Your choice of Red Worms or European Night Crawlers. Just add water and food.

Simply feed veggie or fruit scraps about once a week and maintain the bin moisture.

Harvest your castings in 90-120 days.

Complete instructions are included with every Kit.

We offer 17.95 flat-rate shipping to the continental USA for this Kit.

Our Inexpensive Worm Composting Starter Kit contains everything you need to start worm composting.
The hardest part of any new venture is getting started.
We have done it for you.
This starter kit has everything that you need to get going with your worm composting the easy way.
This affordable kit will have you worm composting before your Kit even arrives.
The starter kit includes the following:

Perfect Starter Worm Bin
Worm Castings Screen Harvester
32 Ounce Spray Bottle
Our own special bedding mix complete with the moisture and composting worms.
Your choice of Red Worms Or European Nightcrawlers.

The Worm Composting Starter Kit is the EASIEST solution to getting started on your own worm composting adventure.
No need to go hunting for all the various components for raising worms. It is all right here in a handy kit.
Complete instructions are included in every kit.

Kit and Worm Choice

Kit and 1 lb. Euros, Kit and 1 lb. Red Worms, Kit and 1/2 lb. Euros, Kit and 1/2 lb. Red Worms


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