European Night Crawlers


European Night Crawlers are a dual purpose worm. They are great composters and also great bait worms. They grow 2-3 times larger than a red worm. Euros are exceptionally easy to work with and raise. They are by far our favorite composting worm.

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European Night Crawlers are the larger cousins of the red worm. Their scientific name is Eisenia Hortensis. Euros grow 2 to 3 times larger than a red worm. Their larger size makes them easier to raise and work with. They are a composting worm just like the red worm and do a great job creating castings. They also seem to thrive on your food scraps just like red worms.  European Night Crawlers also make a superb fishing worm. Their size and toughness make them a great panfish, bass, walleye, and catfish bait. They are our absolute favorite bait for fishing. They are also our favorite worm to raise.

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