The Genuine Treegator Jr Pro Tree Watering Bag


This tree watering bag is specially designed for low-profile trees, shrubs, and evergreens.

Large 15 gallon capacity for slow-watering your trees and shrubs.

Made in the USA of high-quality UV resistant material and made to last several seasons.

Conserves water and saves time and money.

FREE SHIPPING in the Continental USA.

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The Treegator Jr Pro Tree Watering Bag has been specially designed for low-profile trees, shrubs, and evergreens.

This donut-shaped tree watering bag is open in the front to fit around and slide under those low hanging branches.

This bag works especially well on multi-trunk ornamental trees and shrubs. This bag fits where many others won’t.

You still get the same slow-release watering that the regular tree bags offer.

The bags fill easily from the top and the water is slow-released by two small nozzles on the underside of the bag.

Watering your trees and shrubs has never been easier:

  • Slide the Treegator Jr Pro under your tree or shrub with the red fill cap to the top. You will want a fairly level surface. If you have a mound of mulch around your tree, you will want to flatten it out a bit.
  • Remove the red fill cap and insert your garden hose in the opening. Fill with water, remove hose, and press the red fill cap/plug into the opening to seal.
  • The capacity of the tree bag is about 15 gallons. This water will be slow-released in about 5-9 hours by the nozzles located on the bottom side. This will water your tree or shrub with no run-off and get deep to the roots. This slow-watering method conserves water and irrigates your tree or shrub nicely.
  • Once a week watering is recommended for most people. Just leave the ring in place and it will be ready for you the next time. If you live in a Northern climate where freezing is a problem, You should empty and keep your tree bag indoors during winter.

FREE BONUS: We are including a handy, attractive refrigerator magnet as a friendly reminder to water your trees and shrubs on a regular basis. Trees and shrubs are expensive and the Treegator Jr Pro tree watering bag will help you protect your investment.


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