Worm Castings Screen Harvester

Worm Castings Screen Harvester

The EASY way to harvest your worm castings, worms, cocoons, and unprocessed material. An affordable solution to a long-time problem. Order yours today!


100% Money Back. No-Risk.

If you don't like our products over the next 30 days, then we will gladly refund your money. No questions asked!

Our composting worms have a "LIVE ON DELIVERY" guarantee.



I'm a gardener. I was looking for composting worms, came across this company. They got back to me within 24 hours. Fair pricing. Excellent customer service. Would highly recommend!



I just received my second batch of European Night Crawlers in great shape and on time. I set them on my workbench in the bedding I mix as you suggested and leave the light on. They go down quickly, 20 minutes. Thanks Rick and Micky. I'm starting slowly but having fun!



What a time saver! This castings sifter is efficient and easy to use for separating your worm castings for use at home. Not only did it make a nice and fluffy castings finish but it also made sure to collect the Red Wigglers and African Nightcrawler cocoons to be added back into a new worm bin. Very useful tool and I highly recommend its use!



I just left a message and the next day the owner was at my house with my order. He brought extra bedding and talked worms for quite awhile. He answered every question with enthusiasm and knowledge. Thinking about European worms too. I know where I'll buy them. Thanks Again Rick



I have ordered two mega Urban worm farms from you because I’m studying and planting an organic garden this year.The directions you supply are perfect for someone with a learning disability but who is also very detailed.He made sure we did everything exactly as laid out in your plans.I just wanted to thank you for a great day with our son and to let you know that even though you may get frustrated with owning a small business, you do make a difference.Thanks for your great service. 


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